the winner of the beauty of different press kit! (and why no one is merely pretty)

Wow.  You guys are AMAZING.  Thank you so much for all your entries in The Beauty of Different press kit giveaway -- not to mention all of your great blog posts and tweets.  I read every single one of them, and I can't tell you how moved I am by your support and kind words.  I'm seriously emotional over here.  Thank you so much.  I wish I could give you all fabulous gifts.  Seriously.

So, with all of your comments, tweets and blog posts we had a total of 521 effective entries.  In consulting my oracle,, the winner of the press kit is LucySue, who said "I would love to win your press kit!"  Congratulations, LucySue!  Check your inbox:  I've sent you an email to get your mailing details.

And for everyone else, again, thank you.  I'll be doing more giveaways of the book in coming months, I promise -- so stay tuned.

And in the meantime, the great Gen with a G sent me a link to the video below, and it blew me away.  It is rousing. It is electrifying. 

When you have 3-1/2 minutes (and can listen to this without offending anyone around -- she does drop one F-bomb), watch this.  And remember you're all -- every last one of you -- a helluva lot more than "pretty."

Karen Walrond11 Comments