100 ways to tell you you're beautiful

In February 2010, at the encouragement of my friend, Maggie Mason, I created a life list:  100 things I want to accomplish in my lifetime.  One of them (number 24) was to learn to say "you are beautiful" in 100 languages.

I chose this phrase because I really do, honestly and fervently, believe you are.

And so (with apologies in advance for any mispronunciations), on the very slim off-chance that reading The Beauty of Different doesn't convince you how really amazing you are, here I am, telling you that you're beautiful in 100 different ways:

1.  English

2.  French (with thanks to Irene Nam)

3.  Korean (with thanks to Irene Nam)

4.  Spanish (with thanks to the woman with the warm, friendly smile, standing behind the check-out register at Target)

5.  Turkish (with thanks to Melissa) 

6.  Irish (with thanks to Rachel)