i am enough

"Though on paper I appeared to have a good life, the truth was that I was positively miserable.  And so, in my usual studious and analytical form, I sat down and took stock of my life.  I tried to figure out what it was that was making me so unhappy, and how it could even be possible that I was unhappy, even though I Did Everything I Was Supposed to Do.  Then one day, it finally dawned on me:

I could not have been put on this Earth to work this hard at being an individual."


My friend Tracey Clark has started this really great thing on her site:  the I Am Enough Collaborative, where she invites writers to declare that they are enough by sharing their words and images. 

I was really honoured when Tracey asked me to contribute, and the above passage is from my essay.  Please feel free to click over to read it in its entirety.

And show yourself some love: take time today to claim the indisputable fact that you are enough.