different beautiful: heidi


"leaving ellis island" by Heidi Marie Gardner, aka magiclanternarts

"I am different because I used to hate my eyes. They drew attention. A mixture of green and blue and yellow. My eyebrows, too. The dark mixed with the light. Now I know they represent more. The beauty that others always saw is in their difference. I see it now, too. They are a gift to me from my ancestors. A bundle of recessive genes and dominant ethnicities all ending up in one place."

~ Heidi Marie Gardner

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I've started a Flickr group called "The Beauty of Different," where photographers (amateur and pro alike) are invited to publish self-portraits of themselves, and declare what their beautiful different is.  If you have a Flickr account, I invite you to join and share your beautiful different.  And feel free to add your website, Facebook or Twitter accounts on your submission -- I'd love to give you some link love if I feature you here on the site.

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