all in how you look at it

I stood there, staring at them.

"Can I help you?" said the florist with the kind eyes.  Her right arm was in a cast, held close to her chest in a sling.

"Uh, yes.  I mean, no," I stammered.  "I mean, I'm just trying to figure out whether or not these flowers are really weird or really awesome."

"Oh they're really awesome," she said, emphatically.  "These are my favourite flowers.  Look at all the arrangements I did with them -- I used them here with sunflowers," she pulled me with her left hand, "and then here with roses," still pulling, "and then ..."

She stopped.  "Well, they're just awesome."  She was almost breathless.  "They're even great in a vase by themselves.  Seriously."

So I bought a bunch.  They were only $4.99.

Karen Walrond2 Comments