some final words on adventure (and what i plan to try in 2011)

At the beginning of the month, I challenged you guys to make 2011 a more adventurous year for yourself -- to choose something that you've never done before that you'd like to try. And boy-howdy, you guys came up with some wonderful things to try!  Deb wants to attempt salsa dancing. Heather is planning to learn how to make sushi.  Danielle wants to learn how to spin fire, for God's sake.  Just reading these makes me so excited for the year you guys are all about to have!

I also love how eagerly you've embraced the idea that adventure is not about the success in completing something, so much as it is the success in trying something.  It's that charge that you get attempting something you've never attempted before -- and even if you don't do it like a pro, once tried, you get to say to yourself, I'm the type of person who would try to [Insert Activity of Awesome Here].  And in the process of attempting, you might learn something about yourself.  As Bonnie said about her white-water rafting experience:

Had I really known what I was getting into, I probably wouldn't have bought the Groupon to begin with, but I am so glad I did. That adventure changed me on some level. It made me realize my strength in a way I hadn't known it before. It made me feel beautiful, inside and out. And now, having been thrust into that situation, I know I can handle more than I thought I could and I look forward to more adventures in the future. Me, the anxious little girl who never learned to roller skate, wants more adventure. Wow.

Isn't that fantastic?

So, in the spirit of all of you adventurers out there, I decided to come up with my own list of things I want to try in 2011.  They're not at the level of fire-spinning or white-water rafting, but they should put a little race in my pulse nonetheless:

I want to try pistachio ice cream.  I seem to remember as a little girl hearing about pistachio ice cream on Sesame Street -- for some reason, it felt like the Muppets were talking about pistachio ice cream all the time.  And it was green! And not mint! How could that be? 

I'm not particularly adventurous when it comes to ice cream -- I'm pretty much a chocolate, vanilla, or any combination or variation-on-those-two-themes kind of person -- so for me to attempt a green, nutty ice cream takes a certain amount of nerve on my part.  But, by gum, I want to be the type of person who tries pistachio ice cream.

I want to karaoke.  I've never been to a karaoke bar, and I think this might be the year.  Besides, I know all the words to Barry Manilow's Copacabana.  It seems a shame to have such a gift and never have used it.

I want to hand-churn ice cream with my daughter (ice cream is apparently going to be a big part of my 2011).  This is actually a life list item of mine:  I have some fond memories of hand-churning ice cream with my dad when we lived in Trinidad.  I'd like to create some of those warm-weather memories with my little girl. 

Now, I just have to find a hand-crank ice cream churn.

Watch Casablanca in its entirety.  I've never done this.  I know.  It's a situation that needs rectifying.  (I haven't seen The Godfather either, but baby steps.)

Paint a text painting.  I love fonts, typography, quotes and art, so it's sort of stunning that I haven't done one of these before!  But ever since I saw Holly's fabulous work of art for her bedroom, I've felt inspired.  This year is the year, man.

I think these should get me started, don't you think? 

And with that, have a wonderful, adventurous 2011, everyone.  And please, keep checking back to let us know how you're progressing, or if you have any ideas for other things you'd like to try.

And go be adventurous.


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