update on the seattle jazz trip

Photo by Tea.

I'm currently in Nashville at the Blissdom Conference, so apologies for not updating on the Seattle meet-up earlier!  One word: epic.  I had such a great time and I'm so grateful to the Jason Parker Quartet, the Lucid Jazz Lounge and all of you for coming out and making it a great evening.

I've been updating Chookooloonks with the events of the weekend, so to read more, please take a look!

Saturday evening at The Hardware Store with my friends, hosted by Gluten Free Girl & The Chef

Sunday Coffee at Trabant Coffee & Chai and lunch at the Nettletown Cafe

Visiting the Sculpture Gardens and Pike Place Market

The main event.

Thanks again to all of you.  It was amazing.


Update:  I also wanted to share what some of the attendees had to say about the night.  Be sure to check out their blogs -- these are lovely people:

Scatterbeams -- Setting a Higher Bar:  The Beauty of Different & the Jason Parker Quartet

Darrah Parker -- Jazz, Joy & "The Beauty of Different"

Not Martha -- The Beauty of Different

Tea & Cookies -- Stalking Wonder:  Evening in a Jazz Club

Goodies from Coffee Jitters -- Five Fabulous (and Inspirational) Bloggers

Sweet River Photography --  A girl walked into a bar ...

One Working Musician (the awesome Jason Parker, the Jason Parker Quartet) -- The Beauty of Collaboration

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