"i don't see differences"

Over the years, I've had many conversations with people about discrimination.  And often, though obviously not all the time, someone will say something like:

"I never discriminate -- I know this because I don't see differences."

And every time, I feel incredibly uneasy.

Recently, this comment came up again; and again, I felt myself stiffen, again on my guard. I know the person who said it meant well, but this didn't stop me from feeling extreme discomfort...

... what do you mean, you don't see differences?

I'M different.

Do you not see me?


Here's the thing:  I've come to believe that racism, or classism, or sexism, or homophobia, or bigotry, or any other kind of discrimination will never go away if we pretend differences don't exist.

I have come to believe that discrimination and bigotry will ONLY go away when we realize there is beauty in difference.

Say it with me:

There is beauty in difference.

There is beauty in difference.

There is beauty in difference.

Karen Walrond25 Comments