god help you, i have a new toy

One day while I was in Oregon, all thirteen of us trouped down to the beach to take some photographs. Each of us had our cameras, and we were all shooting the beautiful scenery, as well as each other.

At one point, I glanced over at Andrea, and noticed that she had her camera aiming downward toward her feet, with its lens shoved into a makeshift cardboard tube crudely attached to a funny-looking box.

'Hula,' I said delicately, 'what in God's name are you doing?'

'It's my Duaflex,' she explained. 'Basically, I've got my digital camera looking through the viewfinder of this old Kodak Duaflex camera, and the cardboard tube keeps the light out. I can get some really interesting shots this way. You should try it.'

After talking with her a bit longer, she'd convinced me. When I returned to Houston, I logged onto eBay and bought my own Kodak Duaflex III for about US$ 30.

It arrived this weekend.

Marcus built me the requisite cardboard tube (because he's handy that way), and I took aim at a bouquet of flowers a friend sent me this past week. What you see above is one of the shots that resulted. I love the old vintage feel of the image.

And I think I might be addicted. I may have to declare Mondays 'Duaflex Mondays,' or something, just so I don't overwhelm this site with all of the images I know I'm not going to be able to help myself taking with the help of this little old camera.

Song: Tell me somethin' good, Rufus & Chaka Khan

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