stick, and flash

This is Alex practicing her gymnastics. She's really into gymnastics, and yes, this makes me proud; however, today I was proud of her for another reason.

The gymnasium where Alex goes is a pretty popular one near our house; however, despite the many children who attend, I've only ever seen one other non-white kid. Alex told me today that one of her classmates said that she 'looked funny,' because her 'skin is brown.'

I tensed.

'What did you say to her?' I asked.

She looked at me calmly. 'I told her my skin does not look funny. I told her my skin was brown because God made it that way. And that's not funny.'

While I remain a bit shaken by the event (I mean seriously, with him and her and, well, hell, him and her and, heavens, them and countless others, brown skin still 'looks funny'?), I'm so proud at how calmly my 4-year-old handled herself.

And I told her so.

Song: Jump and Move, Brand New Heavies

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