random thoughts: more things i should know how to do, but don't

Lucky shot.  Photographed with Nikon D300, 35mm lens.

Last week, I mentioned that near the top of my list of things I really should know how to do was how to poach an egg.  You were all so helpful with tips, I thought that I would share with you few more things I don't know how to do (but I really should):

1.  Use an espresso machine.  Although I don't drink much coffee anymore, I feel like I should know how to make a good cappuccino.  But I wouldn't even begin to know how to do that attach-the-thingy-with-the-fresh-ground-coffee, or operate the little high-pressurized-steam-hose-for-the-milk-thingy. 

Who am I kidding: I can't even really make a decent cup of drip coffee.

2.  Play a harmonica.  I played piano for years, and have sung in several choirs.  I can read music.  But I don't know how to play a harmonica.  Surely I should know how.

3.  Juggle.  Before Marcus and I were married, the first time I visited his home, I noticed he had a set of juggling pins.  Like any single-woman-in-her-mid-thirties-who-has-dated-men-who-attempt-to-do-silly-things-to-impress-women-and-fail-miserably, I eyed them with considerable skepticism.

"So, you juggle?"  I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes," he said.

"Show me."

Because he lived in an apartment with relatively low ceilings (and he's 6'5"), he took the pins and dropped to his knees.

And then?  He juggled the snot out of those pins.

We've been married almost 7 years now, those pins have followed us from country to country, and yet, I still don't know how to juggle.  Marcus should teach me, don't you think?  I think we'd throw far more cocktail parties if I knew how to juggle. My fear of conversation lulls would flat disappear:  when guests start to look at each other dimly, struggling to come up with something to say, I'd just whip those puppies out.  And voila, hours of entertainment.

4.  Drive a car with a manual transmission.  I know.  I know.


SongNothing from nothing by Billy Preston