using your powers for good

Photographed with Nikon D300, 60mm micro lens.

I was totally blown away by the superpowers that so many of you shared in yesterday's post.  It's uncanny, don't you think, that so much power exists out there?  I'm feeling quite moved to print that post with all of its comments, and hang it somewhere where I can see it every day, to inspire me when I think nothing's right in the world.  I think it'll be good knowing that all of you with all of your superpowers exist out there. 

(And I don't know about you, but the other thing that struck me is that when I shared the superpowers in my family, it didn't feel like bragging -- and I suspect for those of you who shared yours, you felt the same way.  Reading your superpowers felt like your egos weren't even involved in the disclosures:  you were just sharing something that for some weird, inexplicable reason, was just part of your DNA, like your hair colour, or your height.  Like, "so, yeah, I'm 5'4", I have green eyes, and I can throw a really cool party."  I love that.  Your words convince me even more that yes, we each -- all of us -- possess a superpower.)


Imagine if we all -- every one of us, all of us who walk this planet -- tapped into our superpowers and used them for good, instead of evil?  Can you imagine?  Those of you who are soulful listeners would help those of us who are going through rough times; those of you who can always find a bright side would encourage the rest of us when we were down; those of you who have the gifts of connection and communication would help us all create real communities, and those of you who can throw great parties and put together great outfits would help us all celebrate, and look good while we did it, too.  The mind boggles.

So here's an idea:

How about if all of us -- me included -- made a commitment that at least at once point during the rest of the month of June, we will use our superpower for the benefit of someone else?  I'm not talking about anything major here, necessarily; for example, I'm not suggesting that those of you who have the gift of words and/or language start and complete writing the next War and Peace.  But maybe, if you do have a gift for words, you could write someone a letter.  Or write a poem for someone.  Or start the book you always meant to publish -- even if all you write, the entire month of June, is just one paragraph.  For those of you who can throw a party, well, the summer solstice approaches, maybe you can invite a few close friends over for an intimate get together to welcome the new, warmer season.  If you're funny, or compassionate, or a good listener, consider reaching out to a friend who needs some cheering up.  If you're a great cook, call me ... er, I mean, make a surprise dish or cake for a friend, or a coworker, or an old lady who lives up the street. 

And here's the best part of this challenge:  I'm not going to ask for accountability.  You don't need to report back to me, or commit to it in the comments below (unless you really want to), or even tell anyone that you're planning on doing it.  I just throw this out there as a suggestion; an invitation to consider your superpower as a tool for good, and think about how, perhaps, you could use it to help make the world a better place.

You know, think of your superpowers as your "cape and a nice tiara" (or crown, if that feels better).  Because, really, sort of, they are

And then?  Well, then, just see what comes of it.


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