springtime in texas: all about the wildflowers, baby

As anyone who lives in Texas will tell you, April in this state is a magical time.  It's the month when the temperature starts to warm up, but the humidity remains nice and low.  It's also when all the wildflowers bloom.





It's also the time when you'll find motorists pulling over to the side of their roads with their cameraphones, point-and-shoots and fancy dSLR cameras, trying to capture the flowers in all their springtime glory.  Some will be hoping to take photographs of the Indian Paintbrushes ...



... but most, here in Texas, anyway, will be distracted by the state flower, the Bluebonnet.







And if, while they're stopped there at the side of the road, they happen to have a kid in the car, I guarantee you they're going to grab that little one, and plonk her down right in the middle of the bug-ridden, bee-covered bluebonnets for a picture.  Because again, as anyone who has spent any part of their youth in Texas, you cannot claim to have had a true Texan childhood unless you've had your photograph taken among the bluebonnets.

Messy mouths and all.



(And speaking of messy-mouthed little ones, Alex has updated her photoblog, if you're interested.  No bluebonnets in this set, but perhaps soon.)


Have a magical week, everyone.


(Update:  A reminder!  Don't forget we're meeting at my favourite coffeehouse, Cafe Brasil (2604 Dunlavy Street), tomorrow, April 13th at 6:30 p.m., to welcome BOSSY to Houston as part of her (No) Book Tour!  PLEASE come.  We'd both love to meet you.  And personally?  I need a few more faces for my 1000 faces project.  I'll even send you a copy of the image for your website! Just sayin'.)




Song:  Here comes the sun (with Homeward Bound, as a bonus), as performed by George Harrison and Paul Simon.  Enjoy.

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