chookooloonks life list update: number 16, photograph 1000 faces (the evo edition, part 2)

Alli, the creative mind behind Mrs. Fussypants and co-founder of Blissdom

As I mentioned yesterday, at EVO this past weekend I was able to photograph some people who I knew would be attending and who I'd been looking forward to photographing.  However, I also had the opportunity to meet people whose blogs I'd certainly heard of but never met; in addition, I got to spend some time with women who I'd met previously, but had never really gotten to know. 

Today, I thought I'd introduce you to some of them.

I'd certainly heard of Blissdom before, but didn't really know a lot about it -- luckily, I was able to meet Alli, one of the founders of the conference, this weekend.  When I saw that amazing curly hair and those gimongous blue eyes (above), obviously I had to photograph them.  I was thrilled to find that Alli is as lovely as she looks.


Allison of Petit Elefant

I'm not sure exactly when I met Allison -- I think it was at the Mom 2.0 Summit earlier this year (or maybe it was the ALT Summit?) -- but in any event, I've always been quite enamoured with her face.  It strikes me as 1940's-film-siren-elegant, in that Katharine Hepburn kind of way.  I was so thrilled when she let me photograph her this time around, and I loved getting to know her in the process.  The word that comes to mind when I think of her is classy.


Heather of The Spohrs Are Multiplying

Heather is an extraordinary woman.  She joined Momversation recently, and it's been such a joy to virtually work with her, but this was the first time we were able to meet in person.  She normally blogs at The Spohrs are Multiplying, where she chronicled the very sudden death of her young baby girl.  When we met this weekend, I was struck by her eyes -- they seem so kind, but even more, they seem so compassionate.  I was particularly honoured that she allowed me to photograph them.

Really lovely person.


Helene, the incredible talent behind Sweet Tartelette

I have been lurking on the blog Sweet Tartelette for years -- this site has the most beautiful food photography I think I've ever seen on the web.  Seriously, the food styling, the lighting, even the movement in some of the shots -- really fantastic.  So when I found out that Helene was going to be at EVO, I was really excited to meet her.

They say that French women have this thing where no matter what, they look like they just stepped off of a fashion runway, and I'm here to tell you that Helene does NOTHING to dispel this myth:  she has this elegance and a quiet confidence constantly about her that is absolutely breathtaking.  It was such a joy to finally meet her.


The terminally charming Helen Jane.

You know how sometimes you have a really close friend who has a really close friend, and for some strange reason or inexplicable inopportune circumstances, you never ever seem to meet that really close friend's really close friend?  In my life, that elusive really close friend's really close friend is Helen Jane.  She's a very good friend of my friend Laura, and it's sort of startling that we hadn't met before this past weekend.

I feel like I have a lot of time to make up in my brand new relationship with Helen Jane -- we immediately hit it off.  She's funny and practical and friendly, and not afraid to enter into deep discussions with people she just met -- I love this.  In addition to her blog, she's also the creative mind behind Cheese Whizzes, a, God-help-me, national cheese tasting club.  I'm so thinking about joining up.



I met Jen at a conference 4 years ago -- this quiet, unassuming Canadian with the kind, easy smile.  Since then, we've seen each other almost yearly at various conferences, and while we haven't spent much time together, she's never once failed to pass along a lovely compliment or a kind word of encouragement.  Never once.

She's such a very sweet soul.  I was thrilled to photograph her lovely face.


Casey, of Moosh in Indy.

Casey is quirky, funny and wields a helluva camera.  On the first official day of the conference, Casey was on a panel discussing photography, and she taught me things about diffusers and reflectors that I'd never even considered before.  I was so happy that she allowed me to capture her sparkly eyes.

We are now 2/3rds of the way through the beautiful faces that I photographed at EVO -- I'll reveal the remaining beauties on Friday.  I can't wait to share them with you.


Images:  All faces photographed with my Nikon D300 and that fabulous little 50mm Nikon lent me.


Song: Come find yourself by Fun Lovin' Criminals