first grader

This week, Alex started first grade.  Last night, I decided that a quick photoshoot was in order to commemorate the occasion.

If you'll permit me a bit of maternal introspection, I have to say that I'm in a bit of a shock that my tiny baby is already in first grade.  I know that mothers all over the world say this, but she's just so grown up.  She's full of jokes and puns and double entendres and sass.  She's reading chapter books with ease.  She's full of insights that I didn't expect for another few years.

She's also harder to photograph these days, having far less patience for my constantly taking her picture.  She makes faces, crazy expressions, and often does the opposite of what I direct.

Luckily though, if I show a little fortitude, in between fooling around trying to keep me from taking a decent portrait, she inevitably cracks up.  And that's when I grab the shot.









Every 6 months or so, since the day she was born, I say, "This. This is my favourite age."

But seriously, this time, I mean it.

This is my favourite age.

* * * * * * *

Also, last call: today is the last day to get your images and words of peace to me for the Photobomb.  I love the shots you've sent me so far.  I can't wait to receive more.


Images:  Shot in our back garden yesterday evening around 6 p.m., with my Nikon D300 and my 50mm lens.  Incidentally, I also processed these with Adobe Lightroom 3.  I've decided that I really love this product for quick, light processing; however, I still find I save my very detailed processing for Photoshop.  I still need to explore the archiving tools within Lightroom 3 (which is what I hear it's famous for); so stay tuned.


Song: Hey, soul sister by Train.  This is one of the two songs that Alex hasn't stopped singing over the past two weeks.  The other is "Hava Nagila." 

To my knowledge, we've never played either of these songs in our home.

We're as confused as you are.

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