list #19: things that are welcome in my home anytime

1.  Big, huge belly laughs, that kinds that make you snort or cry.  Preferably not the kind that make you throw up, though.

2.  The smell of coffee (though I don't drink it very often) or anything baking.

3.  Music.  Just about any kind, any time.

4.  Really, really inexpensive, thoughtful gifts.  Preferably unexpected.

5.  Fresh flowers.  Again, any kind, any time.

6.  Good food, lots of wine, preferably around our dining table for hours and hours and hours.

7.  Air conditioning in the summertime and roaring fires in the wintertime.  It is Texas, after all.

8.  Twinkle lights, year round.  Eventually in every room in the house, I suspect.

9.  Good books and good conversations that make me think.

10.  Gestures of kindness, love, affection and/or friendship.  Any kind, any time.


(what about you?)


Images:  Tulips on our dining table, photographed with my Nikon D300, 35mm lens.  aperture 1.8, shutter speed 1/160, ISO 200


Song: This must be the place, as performed by Shawn Colvin

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