#40daysoflight: outtake

This past week I was finally able to take a breather between travel, which meant that I could finally start my second book.  Did I mention I'm writing a second book?  I am, to be published by the same publisher as The Beauty of Different (Bright Sky Press), and I'm so excited about it -- it's an evolution of my Thrive Portrait Project, and directly maps onto my theory to always look for the light.   I finally have it outlined after many fits and starts, and I think I'm REALLY onto something.  Actually writing starts now.

But first, this morning, I went outside to shoot some ideas for what I think the cover of the book might look like.  I may have even gotten the shot, actually, which is exciting.  But even more exciting is remembering how cool it feels to be writing a book again.  

The image above is an outtake from this morning's little shoot.  Prepare for quite a few outtakes to come on the blog.  (And incidentally, if you're a man or a woman, over 40, who thrives out loud, stay tuned:  I think I'll be scheduling an open portrait shoot soon for my book!)