8 mundane things that make me highly uncomfortable

I understand that there is absolutely no logic here, but:

1.  Railroad tracks.  Note:  I love trains, and I love subways.  I love sitting in big seats watching the world whiz on by.  But train tracks?  Not so much.  They frighten the dickens out of me.  In fact, taking that photograph above made me feel vaguely insane.

2.  Cottage cheese.  Please note that I've never actually tasted cottage cheese.  But simply looking at that gloopy, lumpy texture is enough to put me right off.

3.  Peanut butter.  I find this truly one of the nastiest foodstuffs of all time, and I can't explain why.  I like peanuts, I love Thai peanut sauce.  But peanut butter?  Lord, no.

4.  Feet.  I'm sure your feet are lovely, but I'm sorry, I do not care for them.  In fact, I am uncomfortable with the feet of anyone over, say, 3 years old.  (Baby feet are, obviously, adorable.)

5.  S'mores.  I can only assume this is cultural (perhaps like peanut butter) -- I've never met anyone who spent any part of their childhood in America who didn't love the stuff.  But I don't have much of a sweet tooth, and graham crackers-marshmallows-chocolate is just sweetness overload.  I've tried many times -- I can't do it.

6.  Chewing gum.  This aversion came later in life -- I was a chewing/bubble gum fiend when I was a kid.  But now?  Chewing gum totally skeeves me out.  I'll choose a breath mint every time.

7.  The number 22.  I don't know what it is about that number, but it makes me uncomfortable. I'm actually vaguely disturbed by all double numbers:  44, 88 -- but for some reason, 22 really gets under my skin.

8.  Sweet mixed with savoury.  I can't eat sweet-and-sour anything, I don't want honeyglazed ham, caramel in my popcorn, or sliced fruit in my vegetable salad.  Sweet needs to stay with sweet, and salt needs to stay with salt.  On this I am unreasonably firm.


Just me?