a valentine's day craft for kids with moms who are *completely* uncrafty


A few days ago, my 8-year-old daughter, Alex, came home from school with a note that was sent to all parents, saying, in part, the following:

You don’t have to make Valentine’s Day gifts; however, if you do, please make them for at least 26 children.   Oh, and also, please bring two dozen cookies.

I'm completely uncrafty, but over at Bliss Your Heart, I wrote about how I solved the little Valentine's Day dilemma presented by Alex's school (and also mentioned that I think Pinterest might be the devil).  I'd love if you'd check it out.

So yeah, this weekend, Alex and I are going to be knee deep in Elmer's glue and heart confetti.  Hope your weekend is equally creative.

SongWhat is love? by Deee-Lite