#afroliciousby50: 2-1/2 year update

A year ago, I shared a personal history about my relationship with my hair (including growing up being ashamed of it, and now really loving it).  I also revealed that I had decided, back in late 2013, to grow my hair until I'm at least 50 (after my 50th birthday, I'll decide what, if anything, I'll do next).  

Save for 2 trims over the past 2-1/2 years, I'm happy to report that I'm still growing it out.  Since there was a lot of interest in that previous post, I thought I'd share my progress, above.  (Because it's so curly, it's longer than it looks:  the very back of my hair, when I stretch out the curls, reaches to right between my shoulder blades.)  And for what it's worth, here are the products I use:

More next year!


Soundtrack:  Kemekem (I like your Afro) by Meklit