and she's off

Last week, when we were making final plans for our spring break holiday, our friend Carl suggested that we bring our kids' bikes.  Alex apparently hadn't ridden her bike for longer than we remembered, because once we got to Galveston and she climbed up on her trusty two-wheeler, both Marcus and I were a little surprised that it was clearly far too small for her.  It was time for her to graduate to an adult bike.

Luckily, there are two things about our family that makes the fact that she's outgrown her bike not a big deal:

1)  Marcus builds and refurbishes bikes as a hobby; and

2)  in a fit of optimism about 13 years ago, he bought me a really lovely bike; one that I've ridden exactly once.  (Unlike Marcus, bikes are not my jam.)

So once we returned to Houston, Marcus got my old bike and got it in tip-top shape for Alex.  And yesterday evening, as the sun was setting, she took it out for a spin.

It was a simple, no-big-deal moment ... and yet, somehow, it felt a little bit like a milestone.


Song:  Wheels by Cake