back from australia


So I'm back!  My plane touched down in Houston at 10:13 p.m. last night, after approximately 30 hours of travel, through smoke-filled Australian roads, across the International Date Line and over the Rockies.  It's wonderful to be back home. 

I've got about 1500 photographs yet to download -- it turns out that this number is far more than my very full, 5-year-old desktop computer could handle.  So while I upgrade everything, I thought I'd share this teaser image above, as a taste of some of what's to come. 

This coming week is a busy one:  I have a talk I'm giving in Reno, Nevada, so I'll be away from my desk for a couple of days later this week.  Nonetheless, my goal is to share some more of my photos every day, with a few stories, too.   

Just as soon as I get over this jetlag. 

More soon, friends!