but i'm thinking of you. yes, yes i am.



I know I’ve been largely absent the last couple of weeks, and I’m so sorry. I’ve treated you like that guy back in the 90s who seemed totally into me, and just suddenly disappeared. You thought we had something, right? Where did I go?

I assure you that I’ve been right here, wracked with guilt that I haven’t been checking in on you more often. It’s not you, it’s me. Well, more specifically, it’s my life. In addition to dealing with Alex’s mono (she’s doing fine, you’re sweet to ask — she’s taking it easy, getting lots of rest, but also not missing any school, which is good), Marcus also received a diagnosis last week that was worrying. He’s under a specialist’s care, and he’s feeling fine, but it’s going to require some serious lifestyle changes for the foreseeable future. So add my concern for my two loves on top of, not one, but three out-of-state talks that are coming up this month, and … well, let’s just say that I’ve been distracted.

But my love for you remains. I promise.

So please accept my apology for my unexplained absence over the past couple of weeks; also, please understand if my presence here is sporadic this month. I promise that I’m working hard to get all ducks back in their rows, and hopefully by November I’ll be back to a more regular posting schedule.

In the meantime, how are you? How are things in your neck of the woods? Are you still finding beauty and light? Tell me everything.

Soundtrack: Blame it on me by Alana Davis