for your vision board: look for the light


Last week, I shared a quote from a friend that I turned into a .pdf for your vision boards, one that deeply resonated with me that I thought some of you might enjoy.  In the comments of that post, someone kindly requested a similar downloadable .pdf with the words "look for the light," the theme of my TEDxHouston talk that I did last fall -- a talk where I mentioned that the photographer's practice of "looking for the light" might also be a good one for all of us to engage in as we encounter different people along our way.

I don't plan on making a practice of quoting myself, I promise -- but since it was requested, and I so believe in this philosophy of looking for the light, I thought I'd make this exception (despite the fact it feels really weird to do so).  So, Sara (and anyone else who might want one), the image above is for you.  Click here to download a free 5"x7" .pdf that you can add to your inspiration board, your vision board, or even in your journals.  And for the record, I'll be sharing more downloadable images and words, when I come across quotes that inspire me.

(And in case you missed seeing that TEDxHouston talk, here it is.  I hope you enjoy the message as much as I enjoyed doing the talk.)

Hope you guys are having a great weekend.  See you in the coming week.