#goaustralia: go whale-watching, and photograph whales? check and check!


Hello from Sydney! 

Maile and I arrived late afternoon yesterday, and honestly, we were bushed.  So we stayed in.  But this morning, we were booked on a whale-watching excursion out of Sydney Harbour, the weather was stunning, and we were raring to go. 

The experience was breathtaking:  we followed a mother humpback whale and her calf for almost three hours, as they played a mere 100 metres to the boat!  My iPad wasn't able to get any decent pictures of them, but happily, I brought my long 70-200mm lens, and got some shots that I'm pretty pleased with. 

You'll have to wait for those long-range shots until I get back.  But for now, be sure to check out the images of Sydney Harbour and  listen to the SoundCloud of the experience here.  And of course, continue to follow along on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter!

More soon, friends. 

Huge thanks to Tourism AustraliaAir New Zealand and Go Mighty  for making this adventure possible.  If a trip Down Under is a dream you've had, please be sure to check out the Tourism Australia site for all sorts of juicy information about Australia; in addition, Tourism Australia, Air New Zealand and Go Mighty are running two additional campaigns to help make your dream come true in 2014:  the first, Fill-A-Plane, where you can sign up to be one of 322 people to get a special discount on air travel for folks who take the pledge to travel to Australia next year; the second, "Win a Wild Card ticket to Australia," for a chance to win a trip to Australia, by simply becoming a member of Go Mighty and adding your wildest Australia-based dreams.  You can check out all the details here.