homeward stretch. literally.

The Kitchen at The Dunlavy.

The Kitchen at The Dunlavy.

I’m sitting at a beautiful coffeehouse nestled in the trees — I arrived early for a coaching session specifically so I could have a cuppa and take a breath and write this post before she arrives. This spot is my client’s choice of meeting spot, and God bless her for it — it’s magical.

The reason I need a breath: things are happening offline, which is why I skipped a couple of days of blogging in November — sorry about that. But it’s finally happening — our builder tells us he’s going to give us the keys to our home tomorrow. I’m still skeptical, to be honest — the punch list (items of things that need to be finished before we move in) is long, and I suspect that they won’t be completed by tomorrow; still, the house is more than livable, and frankly, we’ve run out of time. We have a houseful arriving in 3 weeks to spend Christmas with us, and between now and then, we have to move out of our apartment, clean the apartment and turn the keys in, move our belongings from the apartment into the house, move the salvaged contents of our old house from our storage container into our house, order furniture and appliances and have them delivered (and in the case of IKEA furniture, assemble it all), put everything away, and decorate for Christmas.

Needless to say, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.

But movers have been booked and appliances have been ordered, and while we’ve barely touched the packing up of the apartment, we have tons of boxes thanks to a generous friend. I haven’t gotten to “excited,” yet — let’s be honest, I’m more than “a bit” overwhelmed — but I’m sure once I get to decorating mode, I’ll feel very excited. We’re almost home.

But for now, I’ll enjoy my cappuccino in this magical place.


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