hurricane sandy (and going dark for a while)


Like many of you, I've been glued to updates about Hurricane Sandy's effects on the East Coast -- as someone who has spent most of her life (save for 2 years in London) living in areas that are at risk of hurricanes, I understand exactly what everyone is going through, and feel your pain.  Those of you who live on the East Coast, you're in our family's prayers. Also: remember there's no shame in asking for help -- let people know what you need, particularly online, and we'll all rally around.

A note:  Squarespace, the hosts of Chookooloonks, are headquartered in New York City, and have also been affected by the storm.  As a result, they're going to be shutting down service for a while, so they can address the damage they've received.  I'm certain that as soon as they can, they'll have all of their sites up and running, so thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.

And again, stay strong, East Coast. We're all with you in spirit.

Karen Walrond2 Comments