mommyblogger, shmommyblogger


I always find it somewhat amusing when someone refers to me as a "mommyblogger" or to Chookooloonks as a "mommyblog."  For most parenting bloggers, the term "mommyblogger" is a pejorative ("Why is anyone I didn't give birth to calling me a 'mommy'?" they say), but I don't even get that far:  I mean, I honestly don't remember the last time I wrote about parenting here on Chookooloonks (or, yeah, I guess I did when I talked about how to travel to Paris with a child.  But before that? I got nothin').  If I were to describe what I do here, I think I'd call myself a photoblogger, for sure.  A travel blogger?  Sometimes.  Lifestyle blogger?  Maybe.  But mommyblogger feels ... I dunno ... inaccurate.

That said, I'm about to totally go all mommyblogger up in here, by sharing Alex's obligatory first-day-of-school pictures.  As of this morning, she's officially a third grader, wearing neon t-shirts that are glittered and sequined, dear Lord (a back-to-school gift from my mom).  Where did my little Dreft-smelling newborn go?


It's all going way too fast, I tell ya.

SongAnother brick in the wall by Pink Floyd