moving on


It dawned on me this morning that the day after a heated presidential race in the United States feels remarkably like Ash Wednesday, the day after Carnival in Trinidad.  All this excitement and emotion and bacchanal ... and then, the next day, everyone just goes on about their normal daily routine quietly, like nothing really happened.  Still I'm feeling pretty relieved that it's all over.  Now we can return to the quiet of simply planning for the holidays.

(And it's only after I typed that last sentence that I realize how crazy that sounds.)

Anyway, let's do this:  what are you looking forward to for these few months (assuming, of course, the Mayans have made a mistake) -- any exciting plans for these last weeks of the year?  Me, I don't have any travel plans for the next few months, so I'm looking forward to getting our house back to livable shape, and then decorating for Christmas.  I'm in straight-up nesting mode.

How about you?

(Incidentally, if you're not quite ready to move on from US election stuff on the internet, please check out this funny video my friend Kristen asked some her friends -- including me --  to participate in yesterday.  It's a dramatic reading of Facebook updates in recent months.  I do hope it's obvious that our tongues were firmly planted in our cheeks.


SongThat's it, I quit, I'm moving on by Adele