#naphopomo day 11: indrani, redux (and some exciting news!)

Remember Indrani?  I got her film back yesterday, and man, was I happy with the results.  Indrani is a joy to photograph.  One of my favourite images of her is shown above.  The other is now up on the Thrive Portrait Project page.  Go take a look at her thoughts on thriving.

Speaking of the Thrive Portrait Project, some news:  I'm officially, no-fooling, working on a new book, and its genesis is this project! I can't tell you how excited I am about this.  I'll be looking for people who are thriving:  folks who are starting second, joyful careers, or who are doing something athletic, or who are returning to school, or even who have rich spiritual and/or creative lives.  I already have folks in mind, but I'm always open and interested in connecting with even more people who live out loud.

So, are you one of these people?  Do you know someone who is?  If so, I'd love to invite you to fill out the form at the bottom of this post -- I may contact you/them to be interviewed for the book in the coming months!  (Also please feel free spread the word by sharing this post -- the more, the merrier!)

Finally, don't forget:  my new ecourse Advent of Light is now open for registration, and it's sale priced until November 15th.  It's sort of a nonreligious, audio/visual "advent calendar" -- daily audio prompts and image downloads, and a date with your journal for 24 straight days in December.  It's a commitment to being kind to yourself during the hectic year-end.  Join me.

thrive book nominees

If you think you or someone you know would be a great candidate for my book on thriving, please feel free to fill out the information below.  All information provided in this form shall remain strictly confidential, I promise.

Name *
Please enter your name.
Name of the person you're nominating *
Name of the person you're nominating
Please enter the name of the person who you think would be a good candidate for this project. They should thrive in some way: because of their outlook on life, or because they take exceptional care of their body, or they have an amazing spiritual life. (This person might be you!)
Is this person over 40 years old?
Tell me a little bit about your nominee, including age (if you know it), how this person thrives, and why you think s/he would make a great person to interview for my book. Don't be afraid to brag a little, even if your nominee is you: after all, impressive people should be celebrated!