new ebook! community: a guide for building connection online


Last weekend, I had the honour of being the closing keynote at BlogElevated, a conference designed to help bloggers up their game to a more professional level.  I was tasked with speaking about building community -- how to help readers feel connected to your work -- which is something I'm pretty passionate about.  It was a great experience, and thanks to an amazing group of attendees, the talk was loads of fun.

Because I think the topics we covered are really important, I decided to put together an ebook of the content of my talk.  If you're a blogger, and are interested in building community, please take a look: it's available now in the store, and will be on sale for $11 for the next week, through Saturday, October 5.    

Click here to download.  Enjoy!

UPDATE:  One more thing -- Brené Brown has just announced her brand new e-course, and I'm honoured that I'm a part of it.  Click here to take a look