rainy days and sundays


It's been really rainy all weekend long -- a situation which I suppose should be disappointing, but in fact, was just what we needed.  Marcus, Alex and I holed up at home for the entire 48 hours:  I journaled, Alex was introduced to Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck (thus completing her animation education, I'm thinking), and Marcus played Skyrim for a shocking number of hours (men and their toys, man).  It was positively heavenly.


I was also able to do a considerable amount of web surfing as well (because I'm productive like that).  Here are some amazing things I found:

First of all, you guys know I'm a big fan of journaling -- well, check these puppies out.  THOSE, my friends, are journals.

Secondly, check out these amazing shots of The Great Depression.  I always imagine this time in black-and white, but these images are in shocking, vivid colour -- some of the only colour photos of the time.  For whatever reason, this makes these images feel more real, you know?  Like the Depression wasn't that long ago.  Really stunning.

And finally, I've just come across Flakphoto.com, "an online art space that celebrates the culture of image-making by promoting the discovery of artists from around the world."  Talk about a repository for photographic inspiration.  go take a look.

And with that, have a great week, everyone.

Song:  Rain by Madonna.  You know, in honour of her singing in the Super Bowl halftime show.