she rolled her eyes so hard, i think she saw her own brain

I turn up the volume in the car, and start to dance.

Me:  "Oh man, this song is so 90s..."

Alex (sarcastic tone):  "Oh yeah, it's dripping with the 90s."

Me: "DO NOT MOCK, Miss Missy.  The 90s was one of the greatest music eras of our time..."

Alex: "Mmhmm."

Me:  "... full of complicated melodies ..."

Alex:  "Right."

Me:   "... and deeply profound lyrics..."

Alex:  "Okay, Mom."

Me:  "... of which this is an example."

Alex:  "I think maybe you need to study music a little more, Mom."


Soundtrack:  Hippychick by Soho.  Whatever -- I'm pretty sure I saw her tapping her finger to it when she thought I wasn't looking.