this was a good week

Here's what made this week awesome:

•  Last week, I didn't get much work done, mostly because I was paralyzed with fear.  But this week? I broke through, baby, and Lime Retreats should be ready to blossom next week, right on time.  Booyah.

•  My friend Ernest wrote some lovely thoughts on living an extraordinary life.  Very much worth the read.

•  I love everything about this kid.

•  This bride and groom win for best reception dance.  Good Lord.

•  The pastel palette of Paris.  Man, I love that city.

•  And speaking of France, for the song of the day, this mesmerizing video of a French juggler.  It also makes me go "whaaa?"

A quick one today, folks -- but I'm back full force next week.  Until then, have a great weekend, friends.