this was a good week

Here's what made this week awesome:

 I spent most of yesterday driving all over Houston photographing people who were doing kind things for others who could use a hand, for no reason whatsoever other than to just do it.  Next to watching people greet each other with hugs in the arrivals hall at an airport, this is one of my favourite things in the world.

•  This National Geographic Instagram photo of a "mermaid" is the business.

•  This photographer travels the globe capturing the oldest living things in the world.  I love this for two reasons: (1)  one of the things she photographs, brain coral, is off the coast of my country, near Tobago, and (b) there's a photograph of a spruce tree that is 9,500 years old.  What?

•  A Dutch filmmaker has been filming his 14-year-old daughter weekly since she was born, and he put together a time-lapse video of it.  Fascinating to watch her mature before your very eyes -- a whole new meaning to "they grow up so fast."

•  This week, an old law school chum came over for dinner, and Marcus made lamb with -- wait for it -- rosemary & mint from our garden.  It was amazing to see my friend again; also, surely I can call myself a farmer now, right?

•  Pharrell Williams is really happy -- and frankly? I totally get it.

•  My friend Hula reveals her secret for managing life through the crazy -- and honestly, she's onto something.

•  Registration for Lime Retreats opened this week -- and is already 2/3rds full!  I can't thank you guys enough for your support -- it's going to be such a fine time.  If you'd like to join us, I'd love to have you:  click here to register, and remember, once we're full, registration will be closed!

•  Have I ever mentioned the web series Live from Daryl's House to you guys?  My friend Trish turned me onto it early this year:  Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates, invites artists to his New England farmhouse to play music -- both their own, and some of his classics.  The song of the day in my last post is one example -- but there are so many more.  You should check it out.

•  Related:  the amazing husband-wife duo, JohnnySwim, were recent guests on Daryl's show.  One of the songs they performed was a beautiful ballad, "Annie" -- and for the song of the day, click here or on the image below for the official video of that song.

(Fun fact:  Amanda Sudano, the female half of JohnnySwim, is the daughter of the late disco queen Donna Summer.  How's that for a talented family?)

On that sweet note, have a great weekend, friends (and for those who celebrate, Happy Easter!).