this was a good week


Here's what made this week fun:

•  Thanks to Vivian Maier's inspiration, I'm suddenly taken with the concept of self-portraits in reflective surfaces (hers are so awesome).  Not even posters in my home office are immune.

•  Related:  if the self-portrait is good enough for famous people, it's good enough for us.  (Also related:  what's the difference between "self-portraits" and "selfies"? -- a gallery of really interesting thoughts by some famous photographers.)

•  Have you ever considered making your own ketchup?  Because this is looking pretty good -- and it just might happen at our house this weekend.

•  This isn't a photograph -- it's a pencil drawing.  And get this:  the artist is 16 years old.  What??

•  Eartha Kitt's comments on love and compromise make me want to grow up to be her.  Her confidence is breathtaking.

•  I think I want to try something new for 30 days.  Not sure what it'll be yet, but I think it should be something fun.  Any suggestions?

•  Everyone knows that Amelia Earhart failed in her quest to be the first woman to fly solo around the world -- but anyone know who the first woman was to succeed?  Now you do.  (I love that she wasn't a famous aviator, but simply an Everywoman.  And she's still alive -- residing in Quincy, Florida!)

•  And finally, John Hamm explains emotions to Murray on Sesame Street.  I've never seen a single episode of Mad Men, but on the basis of this video alone, I'm officially a Jon Hamm fan.

And on that amazing note, have a great weekend, friends.  See you next week.



Song:  Me, myself and I by De La Soul