this was a good week

Finally, this was a good week.  Here's why:

•  The house is decorated, we hosted a party for the kids I went to Costa Rica with this summer, I've been eating shortbread cookies and I've been wearing mismatched socks all week.  Booyah.

•  This new, more accurate way of looking at our solar system.  Life is vortex, baby.

•  TED speakers describe how they find (or don't find) stillness.  Honestly, I don't find it enough (although this month, I'm trying).  How do you find it?

•  I didn't know I wanted this before, but now I do:  I kind of need this wooden table filled with photoluminescent resin.  Marcus?  I have something fun for you to make ...  

•  I've watched this video clip of Prince playing an acoustic set at least 10 times.  I feel like there's an MBA-level course in how to engage your clients and deliver in there, somewhere.

•  What soap bubbles look like as they freeze.  If that doesn't put you in a winter-wonderland-state-of-mind, I don't know what will.

•  Except, maybe Alicia's photos of twinkle lights might, perhaps?  They sure made me happy.

•  I'm also loving Christina's wintery photos -- and am quite charmed by her "around here, lately" posts, just as I am Bobbi's "currently" posts.  I may end up doing some of those myself ...

•  Speaking of Christmas, I only have a very small number of signed copies of The Beauty of Different left -- after these are gone, they're gone -- I won't have any more left in my possession to sell.  If you'd like to get one as a present for someone in time for Christmas, I would buy them before December 18th -- and after the 19th, I'll be closing the store down for the holiday.  They do make awesome gifts for the beautiful people in your life (and they're also good teachers' gifts as well) -- so get 'em while they're hot (and still available!)

•  And finally, for the song of the day:  this cover of Stevie Wonder's Higher Ground, performed by artists all around the world.  Because we gotta keep reaching for it, yes?

Click here or on the image below to watch.


On that energizing note, have a wonderful weekend, friends.  See you next week.


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