this was a good week


Tomorrow, we leave Vancouver and head back to Houston.  It's been a lovely visit -- spending time with Marcus' brother and his family (and a quick visit with cousins of mine as well!), and spending concentrated family time together.  In fact, because we've been spending time with each other, I have no links for you this weeks-- but I do have a few photographs:

Not only was this a good week, this was a great year -- in no small part to your generosity, your kindness, and your continued support of my work.  Thank you, friends.  I'm going to take the rest of this year off:  Marcus and Alex are home, and we're going to end the year quietly.  But I'll be back raring to go come the new year -- I hope you're ready for me.

May the last few days of 2014 be happy and peaceful, and may 2015 bring you all you hope.  See you on the 5th, friends.

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Song:  Auld lang syne, as performed by Straight No Chaser