this was a good week (with proof yesterday was)

A couple of weeks ago, I shared this awesome quote from Will Durant that said, in essence, all the bad stuff – the stuff that makes the news and the internet – is really just the stuff that’s newsworthy and sells.  The real stuff, however – the good things like scientists making discoveries, and parents raising children, and artists making art and musicians making music – that all still goes on, quietly, on the sidelines, despite everything.  And this really good stuff – the quiet goodness that continues – is what eventually charts the real course of history.

I really believe this to be true.

And so this, coupled with a prompt from my sweet friend Rachel, calling for folks to share 10 shots they took on the 10th, inspired me to take photos all day long yesterday, of the good things I saw during the day.  It was a good day for it, too, because there wasn't anything too out-of-the-ordinary -- I made sure to get some fresh air in the morning, I dropped and picked Alex up from school, I had dinner with a friend I haven't seen a while -- and it proves that I can still find beauty in places that I see all the time, but don't always stop to notice.  And so, here are 10 photographs I took yesterday, on the 10th, with either my iPhone5 or my trusty point-and-shoot.

Like I said, yesterday was a good day.

And to prove the week was good, a few links for good measure:

•  Images showing that nature photographers have the best job ever.  I'm not a big nature person, but even I think these are cool.  Click on each image to see them large.

•  Speaking of nature, this orangutan thinks this magic trick is hilarious.  I can't stop looking at this.

•  Pity the poor Instagram husband.  For the record, I do not make Marcus take photographs of me.  (I do however, get mad if he eats or drinks before I take the shot.  What?)

On that note, have a great weekend, friends.