this was a good week

As I write this, I'm recovering from a 4-hour date with my dentist -- and as a result, I'm on some pretty stellar painkillers, and am not at my best right now.  So while this was undoubtedly a good week, my list is a little shorter today.  But it's a good one, promise.

So, this was a good week!  Here's why:

•  My daughter learned some Eric Clapton, but also this week was made good by nitrous oxide, soft food, and 800 mg of ibuprofen.  God bless all these things, man.  God bless them all.

•  Every spring, an elephant named Wonky Tusk leads her herd through the lobby of this Zambian hotel, and watching them just made my day.

•  Pete Souza is the Chief Official White House Photographer for President Barack Obama, and was also an official White House photographer for President Ronald Reagan.  This video, explaining his talent and his methods, is excellent.  Amazing, the images he's able to get, considering that they are primarily documentary and unposed.

•  I'm so thrilled I've gotten some amazing questions for my new video series -- I guess I'm actually going to have to do this, aren't I!

•  Impressions of super famous people doing the super mundane.  I've watched this more times than is appropriate.

•  And finally:  I've admitted before that I am a huge -- I mean huge -- fan of Bobby McFerrin.  If you're only familiar with his inane earworm, "Don't Worry, Be Happy," then you're truly missing out:  he's the son of an opera singer, and he's a classically trained vocalist and a conductor.  But one of my favourite things about him is how beautifully he connects with audiences.

And so, to today's soundtrack:  grab a cuppa, and watch this 4-minute video of him performing Bach, while he spontaneously gets an audience to sing the Ave Maria along with him.  It's an old video, but it's a great way to start your day, and I'm not just saying that because the song makes me sentimental:  when I was a teenager, I used to play the Bach part on piano, while my mom sang the Ave Maria along with me.


On those angelic notes -- have a wonderful weekend, everyone.