this is a good week

This was a good week!  Here's why:

•  I got a ton of work done this week -- one of those freakishly productive weeks -- and we've had rainshowers ever afternoon which, during this time of year, means that there's a break in the oppressive heat.  Hallelujah.

•  Maps that show how big countries actually are.  All about perspective, right?

•  My friend Laurie just completed a 100-day project of a-watercolour-a-day.  You can see them all here.  They're lovely.

•  Jeanine is shooting a roll of film a month.  Gorgeous.  I really need to pull out my old Nikon ...

•  This hawk found a weather camera and couldn't figure out what the hell it was.  Made my day.

•  Empty Plates of New York.  Hilarious.  (Take that, Humans of New York.)

•  I love a good ghost story, and my friend, photographer Lola Akinmade has some great ones.  (Warning, though -- turn your sound down before you go there, because she has Irish music that automatically starts playing on that page, and I'd hate to draw your coworkers' attention to the fact that you're looking at the internet instead of paying attention to that spreadsheet you're supposed to be working on.  But the stories are worth it.)

And finally, for the song of the day, Julie-O, as performed by Kevin Olusola.  You might know Kevin as the beatboxer of the quintet Pentatonix, but he's actually a Yale-educated, classically-trained cellist.  In this piece, he combines his cello-playing with his beatboxing, to create something truly beautiful.  I love it when people combine their talents.

Click the triangle below to listen.


And on that wonderfully mellow note, have a great weekend, friends.