this was a good week

This was a good week!  Here's why:

•  It's almost too hot to sit outside, but Marcus realized we were running out of time for decent outdoor weather, so prepared us a delicious dinner to eat on our patio one evening this week.  It was lovely.

•  I was the guest on another podcast!  The lovely sisters behind the Hey, Sis! podcast interviewed me for their totally fun show.  They even got me to admit who my secret celebrity crush is, and drop an F-bomb or two.  (I'm only embarrassed by one of those things -- you'll have to tune in to find out which one it is!)

•  This self-taught artist's water murals are incredible.  Scroll down that page and prepare to be blown away.

•  Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to ever run the Boston Marathon, did it again 50 years later.  Yeah, she did.

•  10 masters of the self-portrait, in their own words.  A lot of their reasons are why I love a good selfie, too.

•  Is there anything more heartwarming than a young boy dancing with his dad?  No.  No, there is not.

•  Pope Francis opened a laundromat for the homeless.  I feel like we should figure out how to have more of these.

•  These women are crocheting waste bags into beautiful handbags.  I would love to learn how they do this.

•  And finally, for today's soundtrack, The One Moment by OKGo.  I'm not entirely sure how I missed this video when it first came out, but OKGo videos often require you to suspend disbelief at some level, and man, this baby is a doozy.  Click here or the image below to watch.  But fair warning, however:   it starts out with a literal bang.

On that explosive note, have a great weekend, friends.