this was a good week

This was a good week!  Here's why:

•  Lots of blues in my world this week.  Don't know why, but it doesn't matter -- blue makes my world happier. (I'm not the only one.)

•  I've made no secret of my love of LEGO.  So this stop-motion of a guy making his LEGO breakfast of eggs and toast makes me happy.

•  Speaking of food, as I type this, I'm incredibly hungry.  So this looks particularly tasty -- hummus-with-tomatoes-and-cucumbers-summery-dinner-for-the-win.

•  I plan on growing up to be this woman.

 Loved stumbling upon this feature of Trinidad's Magnificent Seven, 7 amazing structures that stand next to the major public park in Trinidad's capital, the Queen's Park Savannah.  (Fun fact:  my dad went to high school at Queen's Royal College, the sixth one down.)

•  Photographs of El Barrio in East Harlem, New York City, in the 60s.   There's something so moving in every one of these shots.

•  Fireflies at dusk.  Best watched full screen.  Mesmerizing.

•  Finally, for today's soundtrack, Standing in the Middle of the Field by Cut Copy.  Perfect for a cocktail on a patio somewhere this afternoon, as the sun goes down (and maybe spot some fireflies, too?).  Click here or on the arrow below to listen.

Have a great weekend, friends.