this was a good week


This was a good week!  Here's why:

•  Ever more progress with regards to our housing situation, my daughter continues to impress me with her resilience, and today's Friday the 13th -- my favourite day of the year.  It's all good.

•  Sculpting Freddie Mercury.  The detail on this tiny sculpture is insane.

•  A way to silkscreen without silkscreening.  Brilliant.

•  Optical illusion floor tiles.  This would do my head in.

•  When a travel photographer shoots a wedding ... you get some pretty epic shots.  I love these.

•  This interview of actor Frances McDormand makes me want to grow up to be her.  She's fierce.

•  And finally, speaking of fierce:  today's soundtrack, featuring these young girls from around the world singing Beyoncé's "Freedom."  This song was for the #FreedomForGirls campaign, in celebration of the International Day of the Girl, this past Wednesday.  Click here or the image below to watch (and it's best viewed full screen).


Happy weekend, friends. Stay fierce and thrive on.