this was a good week


This week had some beauty in it.  Here's where:

•  Alex is learning to play my favourite song, the orchids Marcus bought a few weeks ago are still going strong, and at the spur of the moment, I decided to launch an inexpensive, year-end journaling course to add some peace to your days in December.  I hope you'll join me

•  10 women inventors you should know.  Who knew?

•  Love this brief but spectacular take from this charming, good-looking 92-year-old man

•  A tiny puffer fish that makes incredible art.  Nature, man.  Unbelievable.

•  Watching this painting cleaned of yellowing, 200-year-old varnish is mesmerizing.  

•  For the month of November, my friend Angela is photographing herself dressed as her favourite authors, and it is giving me life.

•  I'm a huge fan of Pete Souza, the chief White House photographer during the Obama administration.  His book cataloguing his favourite images came out this week, and he was interviewed about it on NPR.  Love this.

•  I'm no cat lover, but this Instagram feed of leaping felines is pretty fantastic.

•  And finally, for today's soundtrack:  I wanna be like you by French-Cuban twin sisters, Ibeyi.  I'm loving their new album, AshClick here or the image below for a sampling.


Have a great weekend, friends.  See you next week.