this was a good week

View from my hotel room, Thursday, April 25th 2019.

View from my hotel room, Thursday, April 25th 2019.

This was a good week!

• First off, today’s post is a little shorter than usual, because I’m at the Mom 2.0 Summit in Austin. It’s really lovely catching up with friends, and the sessions are incredibly informative. I had so much fun on a panel about podcasting that included the amazing Kristen Howerton, Jen Hatmaker and Jamie Golden, and today I’m on a panel about pivoting with Jenny Lawson, Kristen Chase and Kathy Valentine. Great, right?? And here’s what else was good:

This artist unmasks cartoon icons to reveal which cartoon they really are. I find these weirdly hypnotic.

• Summer’s coming, and I love these tips on how to have a more joyful vacation.

Check out this art installation that looks like the moving waves of the deep ocean. So fantastic.

This Japanese retirement home is beyond charming.

• And finally, some couples use rice. Some use birdseed. Some use sparklers. This awesome couple used water guns.

With that, have a great weekend, friends. See you next week.