this was a good week: nowhere but up

Photo by Marcus.

Photo by Marcus.

I mentioned that I wasn't going to be back here until April, and I still mean that -- I'll be back next week -- but this was a pretty good week, so I couldn't resist stopping in.

Two nights ago, we heard from our demolition contractor that -- alleluia and finally -- he would be arriving bright and early this morning to begin the demolition of the house.  This was good news, but if I'm honest, I was skeptical:  originally we were told that the house would be demolished within the week we closed on our loan, and there has been delay after delay.  So I decided I wasn't going to believe it until I saw it.

Last night, Marcus took the dog for his usual evening walk, intending to pass by our house to check on it; you know, just one last look before meeting the demo team in the morning.  As he turned on our street, it started to pour -- so he decided he would run to take refuge in our garage until the storm passed.

Except there wasn't a garage.  Or even a house.

Photo by Marcus.

Photo by Marcus.

Turns out the crew showed up a day early to begin demolition.  

When I showed the image above to a friend, she remarked, "This breaks my heart and also makes me want to cheer at the same time." 

I didn't even take a breath:  "Man, my heart was broken 7 months ago.  This feels like running into your ex-boyfriend 7 months after you break up, and feeling a pang of happiness that you don't actually miss him anymore."

So, nowhere but up.  Right before dinner last night, Marcus, Alex and I toasted to new beginnings, and I've been dancing to the song below ever since.

And with that, have a great rest-of-March, friends.  I'll be back next week.


Soundtrack:  Make me feel by Janelle Monáe