top 10 awesome things happening right this very moment


1. Someone is being born.

2. Someone is laughing so hard, she's making that snorting sound.

3. Someone is falling madly, deeply and helplessly in love.

4. Someone is so happy, he's crying.

5.  Someone is about to get married, to someone who he would've never dared dream possible.

6.  Someone is becoming a parent for the first time.

7.  Someone is getting caught in the rain -- and totally doesn't mind.

8. Someone is seeing the ocean for the first time -- and she's awestruck.

9.  Someone is tasting a brand-new food -- and it is life-changing.

10.  Someone is greeting a friend for the first time in years -- and he's not ready to stop hugging him quite yet.

And if I'm wrong about any one of these things (and I don't think I am), trust me:  it's going to happen very, very soon.

Life is good.

Song:  Here comes the sun by The Beatles