top 10 most awesome moments of anticipation


1.  The moment before icy cold water hits the back of your throat when you're really thirsty and it's really hot.

2.  The moment at dusk right before the first firework goes off in a summertime fireworks show.

3.  The moment before you hit the water doing the first cannonball of the season.

4.  The moment before you take the first bite of anything delicious.

5.  The moments before flower buds burst into bloom.

6.  The moment before you slide between clean sheets of your made bed at the end of a long, exhausting day.

7.  The moment before you step into the ocean on your first day of vacation.

8.  The moment before you see someone you love who you haven't seen in years walk through the door in the airport arrivals hall, and ...

9.  ... the moment right before you throw your arms around them in greeting.

10.  The moment before a first kiss.

Song:  In the waiting line by Zero 7