I couldn't do what I do without these.

I talk about a lot of things on Chookooloonks:  photography, journaling, books I've read and music I love.  Because of this, I often get questions on what camera equipment I use, art supplies I prefer, or books that inspire me -- so  I thought I'd create this page to answer all of those questions.  If you click on the links below, they will take you to an Amazon page with an inventory of all of the items that I use to add as much beautiful different to my life as possible (please note that I am a member of the Amazon affiliate program -- for more on what this means, click here to read my disclosure policies and FTC Guidelines).  I'll constantly update this page as I discover more tools, equipment and books that I love.

Photography tools

The photography tools I use are constantly evolving:  I try new things, get enamoured with different types of photography, and become intrigued with various tools (for example, my new-to-me, 18-year-old Hasselblad 501c medium-format camera my husband bought for me last year, as well as my 30-year-old Nikon FE film camera seems to be capturing my imagination these days).

Click here to learn what else is in my camera bag.

(Incidentally, you should know that more often than not, the camera bag I'm carrying is one of the amazing Epiphanie bags.  Designed by my friend, talented photographer Maile Wilson, these bags are, without a doubt, the best camera bags for women that I've ever come across.)

Journaling tools

I use my journals constantly:  to make daily to-do lists, to brainstorm, to make life lists, goals, even create crazy, makes-no-sense-to-anyone-but-me art.  I wrote a bit about how I journal here

And if you're interested in starting a journaling practice,  click here to see the tools I use for mine.

(And incidentally, if you're interested in starting your own journaling practice to help you discover your superpowers, considering joining me in the Path Finder online course.  You might be amazed at what you discover about yourself.)

Books I love

I used to be a voracious reader; nowadays, I don't get to read nearly as often as I'd like.  That said, I've made it a habit every time I get on a plane to purchase a new book for the trip; happily, I've been able to devour a few really lovely books over the years, ranging from fiction, to photography, to inspirational, to just plain fun. So click here to see all the books I've recently fallen in love with (in addition to my own, of course!)



I'm embarrassed to tell you how many blogs I follow -- well over 100; possibly even more.  But there are a few I follow that are authored by extraordinarily gifted artists, photographers and writers who inspire me beyond measure, and they're listed below, in alphabetical order.  Please go visit their sites, and prepare to be as blown away as I am.